We understand virtual production and extended reality

Limitless possibilities Support for 2D content playback Live 3D camera tracked set extensions

Film and series (scripted and non-scripted)
And more
From small to large productions Ideal for every production team Large breakout room Crew catering possible

IN THE HEART OF THE MEDIA PARK Studio XNL is Hollands most creative virtual production studio. Positioned at the heart of Europe’s largest mediacluster; Media Park in Hilversum, the Netherlands.

With our large high quality LED-cube powered by high-end rendering hardware, we can create any world you can imagine.

Full service setup:
cameras, render nodes, control room and VP team
OUR MISSION Use strategy, concepting and visualization (including rapid prototyping with artificial intelligence) to guide our clients through the process of creating compelling and immersive stories in virtual production and extended reality.

Technical artists backed by great teams with loads of know-how


Our experienced team consists out of technical artists (Unreal-engine), designers, camera technicians, studio engineers and LED specialists.

All of us have a background in the games and entertainment industry and worked at leading digital agencies and studios for brands and artists throughout the globe. Our team is used to work with partner production teams to turn every production into a success.

Our studio has a leadership team with a 25+ year track record in the industry. Being part of a cooperation between EMG, MHB and Headcandy we are backed by great teams with loads of know-how

Hollands most creative virtual production studio

Experience the power of real-time visualization with our virtual production studio.

Bring your creative vision to life instantly, without waiting for post-production. This not only saves time but also allows for immediate feedback and adjustments, enhancing the efficiency and creativity of the production

Our advanced technology seamlessly integrates computer-generated imagery (CGI) with live-action footage.

This results in an unprecedented level of realism and enables actors to interact with their digital environment as if it were real, contributing to more convincing and emotionally rich performances

Reduce the need for expensive location shoots and physical sets.

Our virtual production studio enables you to create any desired location or world without the ecological footprint of
traditional film production. This leads not only to significant cost savings but also makes your production more sustainable

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